Great Dane Puppy Adoption

GREAT DANE PUPPIES are available to reserve NOW!!!
Puppies will be available for pickup in Virginia Beach on March 25th, 2023. Adoption Fee is $800.   Give us a call and reserve your puppy today. We will ship anywhere in the United States and Internationally.


About DD Danes

Will Heberlin has been breeding Great Danes for over 30 years. With true love for the breed, he does not care to give a puppy to just anyone. He takes pride in getting to know the want-to-be-parents of his puppies as well as the environment they will be in. With this in mind he will only consider letting his puppies go to only qualified homes with responsible and loving owners.

The Great Dane was created in Germany to hunt wild boars. Over the past 100 years breeders have made the Dane’s temperament what it is today – sweet, friendly, steady, fearless, sensitive, protective but not aggressive. It is the perfect companion dog for those wanting a house pet. The Dane has to be with his family. He is not a kennel dog. He is also the perfect dog for protection. His massive size deters even the biggest of men. He does excellent with children and other pets, many times adopting a kitten as his own. He is extremely intelligent and needs to be trained with positive reinforcement. Profile from: