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Great Dane Puppies for Adoption.
GREAT DANE PUPPIES available NOW!!! Adoption Fee is $800 – $1000.  Give us a call and reserve your puppy today. We will ship anywhere in the United States and Internationally.

About Harbor Lane Danes

The Great Dane is a gentle giant. Dignified, kind, sweet and affectionate, it is playful and patient with children. It loves everyone and needs to be around people. The Great Dane does not bark much and only becomes aggressive when the circumstances require it. A steady dog, responsible and dependable. Brave and loyal, it is a good watchdog. Because of his giant size, the Great Dane should be thoroughly obedience trained when young so it will be manageable when fully grown. Teach this giant dog not to lean against people, especially children. Some individuals are dog-aggressive, especially with same sex dogs. It is good with other dogs if it is raised with them from puppyhood. This breed may be slightly difficult to train

Incised on some Greek money dating back to 36 B.C. is the image of a dog very similar to the Great Dane of today. The Great Dane is known as the “Apollo of all dogs.” In 407 A.D. German Gaul and part of Italy and Spain were invaded by an Asiatic people (the Alans) who brought with them powerful mastiff-like dogs. In Germany especially, where these magnificent animals capable of overcoming bears and wild boars were much admired, a process of selective breeding was begun. The dogs were crossed with Irish Greyhounds, and the issue was the beautiful, large, thin, agile dog known today as the Great Dane. Despite the fact that they are called Danes in English, these dogs have nothing to do with Denmark. Some of the Great Dane’s talents are tracking, watchdog and carting.

About the Great Dane
The Great Dane was created in Germany to hunt wild boars. Over the past 100 years breeders have made the Dane’s temperament what it is today – sweet, friendly, steady, fearless, sensitive, protective but not aggressive. It is the perfect companion dog for those wanting a house pet. The Dane has to be with his family. He is not a kennel dog. He is also the perfect dog for protection. His massive size deters even the biggest of men. He does excellent with children and other pets, many times adopting a kitten as his own. He is extremely intelligent and needs to be trained with positive reinforcement. Profile from: http://www.danerescue.net/gdinfo.asp