About the Great Dane

The Great Dane was created in Germany to hunt wild boars. Over the past 100 years breeders have made the Dane’s temperament what it is today – sweet, friendly, steady, fearless, sensitive, protective but not aggressive. It is the perfect companion dog for those wanting a house pet. The Dane has to be with his family. He is not a kennel dog. He is also the perfect dog for protection. His massive size deters even the biggest of men. He does excellent with children and other pets, many times adopting a kitten as his own. He is extremely intelligent and needs to be trained with positive reinforcement. Profile from: http://www.danerescue.net/gdinfo.asp

AKC Group: Working Class: Working 

Country of Origin: Germany

First Registered: 1887 

Colors: Brindle, fawn, blue, black or harlequin. 

Coat Type: Short, dense, sleek. 

Height: 30 – 32 inches 

Weight: 150 – 225 lbs. 

Life Span: 7 – 10 Years 

Litter Size: 5 – 12 

Health Concerns: Prone to bloat, hip dysphasia and some genetic heart problems. 

Temperament: Alert, lively